Dedicated to the pursuit of positive and creative culture change, Sheila
Washington and her associates have helped to facilitate change for more
than 90 organizations.

The Experience
"This was a wonderful session! Sheila Washington is a fantastic group
facilitator. Her 'process questions' were very provocative and our group
had very meaningful discussions."

"A very important topic. I really enjoyed the fact that it covered
diversity in a much broader sense. I've been in groups where these
discussions turn quickly to yelling fests."

"Sheila was an excellent presenter. Very objective and engaged us in
good thoughtful discussion."

"This was a very positive experience. Open discussions regarding these
sensitive issues are so important for the development of this region."

The Results
"I will think differently, listen differently. I would like to use what I have heard and learned and be the voice within my organization."

"I won't assume viewpoints-I'll ask first. Also, my comfort level with discussing the issue is much higher."

"Diversity topics will be among the discussions I have personally and professionally starting today.
This is an issue that needs to be on our tongues at all times."

"More and more I am trying to translate what I have learned and take it to my neighborhood, family, friends and workplace. This is valuable information and I am energized to share it."

" I thought this session might be awkward, but it turned out to be both comforting and educational."

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